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Welcome to Shekinah Worship Center. We are an apostolic non-denominational church with a focus on the Word of God, following Jesus, and becoming the Bride of Christ.

Our mandate is to make disciples of Jesus Christ of all nations (ethnic groups) who will know and love the Lord Jesus Christ, become like Him, and bear much fruit to glorify God!

What should you expect at Shekinah Worship Center?

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Where To Park

When you arrive, parking is available in the front or rear of the building. Please avoid parking in the alleyways. If the parking lot is full, there is public parking in the Carl’s Jr Parking lot to the north, or the Citizens Bank parking lot to the south.

What To Expect

We hope that you sense the presence of God as soon as you enter the sanctuary. Sit where you feel comfortable and dress how you feel comfortable. Remember, you are coming to bless the Lord Jesus. A typical Sunday Service consists of one hour of prayer at 9AM, about an hour of worship, and the message usually lasts close to an hour. As the Lord leads, there are many times that the service will last longer.

Children’s Ministry

For children, we have several options available. Children are encouraged to stay with their families during prayer and worship. For younger children, 3 and under, we have nursery care available. We also have a cry room available for parents and children.

After worship, the children are dismissed to the children's church where they will be taught by our children's pastor. The ages for children's church is 3-12.


Jesus said “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” This is part of our mandate at Shekinah Worship Center. We have multiple prayer services throughout the week including our Friday Night Prayer service and Sunday morning between 9AM and 10AM. Many times in prayer, we will have group prayer with 2-3 people per group and we pray in agreement based on the topic at hand. Come, ready to grow in prayer.


Worship is one of the most important parts of our service. As we enter into worshiping the Lord Jesus, the presence of God fills the sanctuary and our hearts. Come expecting to minister to God's heart as He in turn transforms yours. In His Presence, people find themselves healed of sicknesses, diseases, or oppression. We invite all of God’s People to come and worship God with lifted hands, shouts of adoration, waving flags, or bowing down.


When you enter the sanctuary, you may notice a number of cameras filming the service. Part of the ministry of Shekinah Worship Center is to broadcast the Word of God to the nations. From time to time, as with many events and worship services, our media department will film the audience. Please be aware that you may be on camera during the service.

The Word of God

Seeking God to know His Heart is one of Pastor Joe’s primary callings. Out of this close walk with God, Pastor Joe is given clear directions and messages for not only this church but also for the Body of Christ abroad. As you listen to the word, expect to be challenged, exhorted, and encouraged with the Word of God.


Breaking of Bread is another important part of Shekinah Worship Center. We encourage everyone to be part of a small group of believers who regularly worship, pray, and eat together. When you get together with other believers through informal meetings or a cell group, you are strengthened and you are able to strengthen others. By doing this, the whole church is built up.

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