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Our online bookstore products are meant to be tools for you to grow in your walk with God. We want to get the materials into your hands with as little cost to you as possible, so all of our pricing is at-cost, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

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Living Word is the United States ministry of “The Academy of Light” in Australia. Originally founded by Neville Johnson, Living Word is now spearheaded by his son Mark Johnson. Proceeds from this bookstore will go directly to The Academy of Light.

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Apostolic & Scriptural Prayers

This prayer guide written by Pastor Joe Sweet is a compilation of prayer topics providing a useful guide in your own prayer life. Along with numerous scriptures, you will find example prayers that will catapult your prayer life to another level.

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Purchase these Glossy 4-page gospel tracts.  They come in sets of 100 and they present a full gospel presentation and a prayer of faith.

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